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How to Get More Protein In Your Diet When You Don't Eat Meat

PhillyBite Healthy 11/23 1:29A (Philly
Philadelphia, PA - There are many reasons why some people choose not to eat meat. Some find it against their religious or cultural beliefs, whereas others may abstain from meat for health reasons....

How to help an upset stomach after a Thanksgiving feast

Philly Voice (Health) 11/23 1:16A Michael Tanenbaum
Thanksgiving is often a main event for big meals and biting off more than you can chew, but following a variety of tips to get ahead of common discomforts can help relieve issues like bloating, heartburn, nausea and upset stomach. Practicing...

Treating long COVID is rife with guesswork

Philly Voice (Health) 11/22 2:42P Blake Farmer, Nashville Public R
There not standard protocol for treating long COVID despite dozens of major medical centers having established specialized COVID-19 clinics. And experts are casting a wide net for treatments, with few ready for formal clinical trials.

Intermittent fasting linked to eating disorder behaviors, research shows

Philly Voice (Health) 11/22 2:37P Tracey Romero
Intermittent fasting is among the most popular diets, but studies have suggested it carries a mixed bag of potential benefits and drawbacks. The latest study found intermittent fasting is associated with a higher prevalence of eating disorder...

Parents' words carry weight when discussing obesity with their children

Philly Voice (Health) 11/21 4:18P Tracey Romero
Parents need to choose their words carefully when discussing obesity and weight issues with their children, experts say. A new study shows many children feel embarrassed or shamed when their parents use the words "overweight," "fat" and...

How to Survive Thanksgiving on a Diet

PhillyBite Healthy 11/21 12:54A (Jason
Philadelphia, PA - Whether you're on a diet or want to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without feeling guilty, it's a good idea to know what to avoid. For example, you should never use the crust on your...

Hey, new parents – go ahead and 'spoil' that baby!

Philly Voice (Health) 11/18 4:42P Amy Root, West Virginia Universi
Parents should respond promptly and consistently to infant cries through at least 6 months of age, research shows. When babies are soothed during times of distress, they learn that their caregivers are trustworthy and reliable. Studies also...
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