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Chill Bites: Tasty Philly Eats to Pair with Relaxing Weed Gummies

PhillyBite Healthy 7/12 6:57A (Philly
Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia offers an exceptional culinary experience that pairs beautifully with cannabis edibles such as relaxing weed gummies. Exploring Philadelphia's food scene while enjoying...

A Mediterranean diet and omega-3 fatty acids reduce acne, a new study shows

Philly Voice (Health) 7/10 7:53A Courtenay Harris Bond
Acne can be reduced by eating a Mediterranean diet and taking an over-the-counter omega-3 fatty acid supplement, new study suggests. Researchers said lifestyle changes should be complementary to any acne treatment plan, including prescription...

Toxic metals including lead and arsenic found in multiple tampon brands

Philly Voice (Health) 7/8 9:04A Franki Rudnesky
Tampons from 14 different brands were found to have 'measurable concentrations' of metals, including toxic metals like lead and arsenic, according to a new study. Exposure to metals has been found to increase the risk of dementia, infertility,...

Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolates

PhillyBite Healthy 7/8 5:04A (Tim Ha
While chocolate isn't typically associated with health food, the surprising truth is that dark chocolate, when enjoyed in moderation, can offer a range of potential benefits due to its unique...

Why doctors recommend sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher

Philly Voice (Health) 7/3 6:29A Courtenay Harris Bond
The American Cancer Society recommends people use broad spectrum sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher to prevent skin cancer. Sunscreens with SPF block 97% of ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin. Spending one hour in the sun wearing SPF 30...
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