4 Ways To Style a Camel Coat

Vida Fashionista 11/25 3:04A Davida Janae
4 Ways To Style a Camel Coat. So just a disclaimer, the color of this coat is actually honey glaze . Anyway, it s Black Friday friends and lots to cover today. Starting off by styling this The post 4...

Long Sleeve Mini Dresses Under $100

Living Lesh 11/22 10:00P Iesha Vincent
It’s finally cold weather season and we can all break out our favorite cozy sweaters and layers. But sometimes, you just need a break from all the heavy clothing. That’s where a long sleeve mini dress comes in handy. It’s the perfect way to show...

Friendsgiving Fashion

Vida Fashionista 11/22 1:12A Davida Janae
Sharing some Friendsgiving fashion with y all today. We all have different types of friends in our friend groups. I thought it would be fun to make an outfit post sharing the different types of...

Tips for Styling the Puff Sleeve Shirt

Living Lesh 11/21 10:00P Iesha Vincent
There are a number of trends out there that tend to last through time as they shift to fit the style trends of today. One of the fashion trends that is truly timeline is the puff sleeve. The puff sleeve derives from the romantic time period and...

What I’d Wear: Holiday Edition

Vida Fashionista 11/20 2:40A Davida Janae
What I’d Wear: Holiday Edition. The votes have it. I took a poll on Instagram and everyone is ready for holiday content so here we are. These are looks that I would wear for specific The post What I’d...

Styling the Back Tie Dress

Living Lesh 11/17 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Maxi dresses are something that many people love. Whether you re on the taller side or, like me, on the petite side and still wearing maxi dresses using styling illusions that make you look taller, you may be eyeing a back tie maxi dress like...

This or That: Thanksgiving Outfit Edition

Vida Fashionista 11/14 1:24A Davida Janae
This or That: Thanksgiving Outfit Edition. Oh have I got a treat for y all today. I m thinking of sharing more videos like this but I did a little showdown of outfit ideas for Thanksgiving. Using The...

Flannel Shirt Jacket

Living Lesh 11/13 10:00P Iesha Vincent
One of the hottest trends this cold weather season is the flannel shirt jacket trend also known as the shacket. This fall trend has been prevalent year after year and doesn t seem to be going anywhere. You probably have been seeing a lot of these...

Dainty Earrings: 8 Dainty Earrings to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

Living Lesh 11/10 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Earrings are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. But with so many different styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to buy. If you’re looking for something that is both stylish and timeless, then dainty...

Tips for Shopping on Amazon

Living Lesh 11/10 10:00P Iesha Vincent
Shopping on Amazon can be quite overwhelming, but there are quite a few tips and tricks for easily shopping on Amazon and finding the best deals on the items that you want. In this episode, I m sharing pro-tips on how to shop Amazon with ease. In...

1 Shirt 3 Ways Loft Style

Vida Fashionista 11/5 6:19A Davida Janae
1 Shirt 3 Ways Loft Style. One store that I love for work wear and just in general is Loft. They always have great sales too, especially this time of year. I just shared this The post 1 Shirt 3 Ways...

Creating Your Fall Mom Outfits

Living Lesh 11/2 11:00P Iesha Vincent
Becoming a mom changes quite a few things in your life including some of the outfits that you may buy and the looks that you may put together aka your mom fashion. Now, I m not saying that there is a mom dress code which means that you have to...

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Living Lesh 11/1 11:00P Iesha Vincent
When the summer begins coming to an end and the temperature starts dropping, we all start looking for our fall wardrobe essentials which includes the different pieces that we must have to not only say warm and comfy during the colder months, but...

Gibsonlook Work Outfits

Vida Fashionista 10/30 10:00P Davida Janae
Gibsonlook Work Outfits. Now that I m starting to get back to regular styling videos I m trying to mix things up. One thing that people always need is workwear inspiration. I just got some new...

The Twofer Top Trend

Living Lesh 10/29 11:00P Iesha Vincent
New trends are emerging every season which is exciting because that means that we get to explore new styles and see how we can make it our own. One of the newer trends that has shown up in recent seasons is the twofer top. The twofer top is a...
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