T-Shirt and Jeans 5 Ways

Vida Fashionista 6/19 2:51A Davida Janae
T-Shirt and Jeans 5 Ways. I am getting back into sharing ways to style. Today is all about 1 base 5 ways. That is 1 base outfit (t-shirt and jeans) 5 different ways. There probably The post T-Shirt...

Summer in Soma

Vida Fashionista 6/10 12:02P Davida Janae
Summer in Soma. Y all Soma got me out here baring my bottom on the internet lol but in the most tasteful way. Loving these two new pieces that I picked up. Between getting older and The post Summer in...

4 Ways To Style White Linen Shorts

Vida Fashionista 6/5 3:16A Davida Janae
4 Ways To Style White Linen Shorts. A classic clothing item for the Spring/Summer, I love the option of white linen shorts instead of pants. I love this pair so much that when I get The post 4 Ways To...

What To Wear To Disney World Disney Outfits

Vida Fashionista 5/30 4:10A Davida Janae
What to wear to Disney World. Two things come to mind whenever I am going somewhere: being stylish/cute and being comfortable. The latter is crucial anytime you go to a theme park. Since it is The...

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas: Memorial Day Outfits for Women

Living Lesh 5/16 12:00A Iesha Vincent
Memorial Day is just around the corner, and I m excited for cookouts, lake days, and all of the fun that comes with the beginning of summertime. Whether you re planning a weekend away or a day grilling out with family, Memorial Day is the perfect...

Travel Packing Checklist

Vida Fashionista 5/2 2:04A Davida Janae
Travel Packing Checklist. We are just days away from our Disney trip (clearly your girl doesn t get out enough)! But seriously, I ve been planning this trip from a year now and the time has finally...

Side Deck Refresh

Vida Fashionista 4/30 3:07A Davida Janae
Side Deck Refresh. Yet another labor of love around the house. Patio season is here and if you know me, one thing I LOVE doing is being outside! I love being out there with the The post Side Deck...

Kitchen Transformation

Vida Fashionista 4/22 2:37A Davida Janae
Kitchen Transformation. The time has come! I have been putting off sharing home updates and transformations waiting for the perfect time or waiting for things to be complete . Then I realized that if...

The Best Mom Backpacks for Everything

Living Lesh 4/11 12:00A Iesha Vincent
With another little one on the way, I m gearing up to get back in the swing of newborn life again. I definitely feel more prepared with my second baby than I did with my first now I know the ropes of what it s like to have a newborn, and ...

2024 Oscar’s Fashion Hits & Misses

Vida Fashionista 3/29 3:47A Davida Janae
2024 Oscar s Fashion Hits & Misses. Ha, so better late than never but I like to document any and all of my TV segments here on the blog. This one in particular put me back The post 2024 Oscar s...

2024 Easter Dresses

Vida Fashionista 3/27 4:09A Davida Janae
2024 Easter Dresses. I am a HUGE fan of dresses and there are some beautiful new ones in my collection. I’m actually torn on wearing one of the first two dresses for Easter Sunday but The post 2024...

Amazing SKIMS Dupes on Amazon

Living Lesh 3/26 12:00A Iesha Vincent
Nothing can make or break an outfit quite like good shapewear. It can completely change the look of an outfit, and I m a firm believer in prioritizing shapewear in your closet. When Kim Kardashian started her own shapewear brand, SKIMS, it...
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